Company Overview


Development Advisors was founded in 1996 to provide confidential site selection, incentive negotiation, and real estate advisory services to both privately held and publicly traded companies across all industry sectors.  

Our advisory services support both domestic and international companies, and our processes are scalable to meet the demands of any project––regardless of scope, industry, or size. We are called upon to effectively expand, relocate or realign a variety of business functions, including manufacturing, distribution, office, headquarters, research and development, and real estate development.

DAI professionals work effectively with executive management, as well as in-house and third-party project teams. Our priority on every engagement is to identify the best locations for a project in a timely and cost-effective manner and to maximize the incentive package associated with each potential site by working collaboratively with local and state government officials. With this approach, DAI has established a proven track record of success, consistently adding value to the capital investment decisions of our clients throughout the United States.


Our Values  

DAI’s success is driven by a set of values that define the way we operate and interact with our clients and communities.

  • Responsive – As our clients’ advisor, we work diligently to ensure that critical timelines are met. We are always readily accessible and responsive to any inquiries or questions presented during an engagement.
  • Effective – Every project presents a different set of challenges. DAI professionals ensure no issue or detail is overlooked, no matter how small, and always are dedicated to presenting deliverables that are accurate and on time.
  • Professional – Our clients’ reputations are important to us. When representing a client in a site selection or incentive negotiation, we consistently maintain our professionalism and treat all parties with respect. This ensures that our clients enter new business environments on excellent terms with local and state officials.



Our Four-Step Process Is The Framework For Your Confidential Location Solution


Establish Project Scope


Site Selection & Incentive Analysis


Maximize Incentives Through Negotiation



Our Approach

CEOs and CFOs recognize they are not experts in location analysis and that their companies do not maximize incentives associated with new or routine capital investments. Our highly skilled team of former public officials and senior business executives has worked with clients throughout the United States on engagements ranging from $2 million to $1 billion in capital investment. Our diverse industry sector knowledge, subject matter expertise, and market understanding––combined with our background in the public sector––consistently add value to your capital investment decisions.


“After spending a few minutes with you I realized why our guys have spoken so highly about you and your professionalism. I want to thank you for considering our market for past and ongoing projects, and we’ll look forward to continuing our working relationship through some very interesting and challenging times.”

David T. Ginn/ President & CEO Charleston Regional Development Alliiance