Incentive Analysis & Negotiation

Incentive Analysis & Negotiation 

Development Advisors is committed to securing for our clients the highest level of financial and in-kind support for their projects. Our negotiation process ensures that every project is packaged and presented in a manner that will maximize the value of incentives. DAI will

  • Package and present properly the project to government officials.
  • Identify and evaluate all incentive programs.
  • Outline correctly the true value of an incentive package.
  • Illustrate clearly the differences between incentive programs.
  • Identify project costs that can be directly offset by incentives.
  • Secure government approvals and negotiate terms of incentive contracts.
  • Perform post-project monitoring and compliance.


Incentive negotiation is an important means to improving the internal rate of return on a project. Unfortunately, most companies rarely possess the depth of experience needed to negotiate financial incentives efficiently and successfully.

Companies are often at a disadvantage when negotiating incentives because it is outside of their core competency. Maximized incentive packages are only achieved when a project is correctly packaged and presented to government entities that can provide financial support. In addition to proper presentation, many companies do not know the true value of incentive support their projects may warrant. Public and private support may be available in the form of tax incentives, workforce development assistance, utility savings, regulatory relief, project financing, and/or infrastructure improvements.

DAI’s incentive negotiation expertise and strategy ensure that all financial incentives are identified and maximized, enhancing the IRR of the capital investment. Our goals on every engagement are to:

  • Secure maximized incentive packages.
  • Minimize the time needed to secure incentive approvals.
  • Support the strategic decision-making of our clients in the strictest confidence, protecting their anonymity and improving their negotiating position.
  • Ensure that companies collect the incentives that were negotiated and approved.


Navigating the Public Sector

DAI possesses rich private and public sector experience. As former industry executives, we understand the critical demands of business. As former economic development officials, we understand the culture, performance requirements, and limits. With business and economic development backgrounds, we are better negotiators. As we navigate through the complicated process of acquiring incentives, our clients can remain focused on their core businesses.


DAI understands the dynamics of complex negotiations, especially when it comes to incentives. We utilize a nonadversarial negotiation approach in securing incentives, relying principally on the compelling characteristics of a project and the financial benefits to a community to garner maximum support.


Our Four-Step Process Is The Framework For Your Confidential Location Solution


Establish Project Scope


Site Selection & Incentive Analysis


Maximize Incentives Through Negotiation



Our Approach

CEOs and CFOs recognize they are not experts in location analysis and that their companies do not maximize incentives associated with new or routine capital investments. Our highly skilled team of former public officials and senior business executives has worked with clients throughout the United States on engagements ranging from $2 million to $1 billion in capital investment. Our diverse industry sector knowledge, subject matter expertise, and market understanding––combined with our background in the public sector––consistently add value to your capital investment decisions.


“After spending a few minutes with you I realized why our guys have spoken so highly about you and your professionalism. I want to thank you for considering our market for past and ongoing projects, and we’ll look forward to continuing our working relationship through some very interesting and challenging times.”

David T. Ginn/ President & CEO Charleston Regional Development Alliiance