Post Project Compliance

Post-Project Monitoring and Compliance

Economic Development Incentives


Frequently companies fail to fully benefit from credits and incentives they have negotiated and secured.  Incentives programs commonly require on-going compliance maintenance over multiple years. Companies often do not have the time, in-house expertise, or resources needed to administer, report, comply with, and claim business incentives. DAI offers an incentive compliance service to assist companies who have secured economic development incentives by ensuring they fully benefit from their incentives package.


What ASSISTANCE will Development Advisors provide through its Incentive Compliance Services?

  • Analyze the client’s framework and systems for capturing data needed for incentives compliance filings;
  • Prepare a credits and incentives compliance calendar and implementation work plan that itemizes all action items and deadlines;
  • Provide training and coordination among various client divisions specific to each division’s role in tracking and gathering data needed for incentives compliance purposes;
  • Work closely with the appropriate state and local agencies to ensure timely processing of annual reports and credit certifications including full support for all DAI work should an audit occur;        
  • Monitor progress towards job creation and capital investment commitments and work with the company and state and local officials to protect and maximize incentives if projected hiring and investment plans are altered;
  • Mitigate and negotiate with the appropriate state and local officials in instances of claw backs and recapture;
  • Monitor and analyze any changes to federal, state, and local laws regarding the applicable credits and    incentives, and make recommendations to the client regarding the appropriate steps necessary to claiming credits and incentives under these laws.

What are the ADVANTAGES to using Development Advisors’ Compliance Services?

  • Single point of contact to coordinate incentives compliance;
  • Understanding of incentive programs’ nuances and intricacies;
  • Compliance plan in place to ensure continuity in case of internal turnover;
  • Incentives specialist to track legislation, regulatory and policy changes;
  • Assurance that your incentives compliance needs are monitored and met by specialists so you focus on the day to day business of your company.




Our Four-Step Process Is The Framework For Your Confidential Location Solution


Establish Project Scope


Site Selection & Incentive Analysis


Maximize Incentives Through Negotiation



Our Approach

CEOs and CFOs recognize they are not experts in location analysis and that their companies do not maximize incentives associated with new or routine capital investments. Our highly skilled team of former public officials and senior business executives has worked with clients throughout the United States on engagements ranging from $2 million to $1 billion in capital investment. Our diverse industry sector knowledge, subject matter expertise, and market understanding––combined with our background in the public sector––consistently add value to your capital investment decisions.


“We have found the benefit of using DAI to be twofold; (1) their ability to focus on the task at hand and (2) the knowledge and expertise they bring to this area of the project.”

Suzanne Rudy/ Corporate Treasurer RF Micro Devices